CNN is being CNN again.

We know, you’re shocked.

Ok, not really.

‘Critics say.’


From CNN:

The formula for this version of White Supremacy 2.0 is the same as it was then: Ignore the racist intent behind laws to justify a preordained decision, says Goldstone, author of “Inherently Unequal.”

“If the Court chooses to pretend that what was said was not said, and that blatant motive is not relevant, we are back to the late 19th century indeed,” Goldstone says after citing evidence alleging that the Trump administration isn’t being honest about why it wants to add a citizenship question to the census.

“In criminal cases, motive and intent is everything. Why not here?” Goldstone says. “Lady Justice may be blind, but it shouldn’t be dumb.”

So wanting an accurate count of Americans is now racist.

Alrighty then.

Hey! Nick at Night rules!

For real!

Our face, literally, every day.

This is CNN.


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