Welp, it appears the MSM has their new narrative and they’re running with it. Who’da thought readers wouldn’t be all that interested in reading about Democrats throwing an endless temper tantrum about the Russian collusion hoax? But don’t you worry, our good friends in traditional media found something new to hit Trump with.

Good ol’ propaganda arm of the Democratic party, always doing their part to push whatever is convenient for the Left.

These centers in some case are 4x their capacity, not to mention legislators like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refuse to provide any additional funding so more can be done to support these centers while America processes thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile, AOC is busy doubling (quadrupling?) down on her idiotic concentration camps take.

Is this a GITMO reference? SERIOUSLY?!

And yes, the media was super bullied by George W. Bush. *soooo many eye rolls*

Who knew someone could tell themselves to hold their beer? But somehow AOC managed it.

It would seem her 15 minutes have gone from being about her rising star to her fading star. This editor has never watched an elected official actually destroy his or her own career in real time before …

We’re pretty sure Mike doesn’t really want to know.

And in other news, water is wet.

Or when you win a district that a glass of water with a D by its name could win … right, Nancy Pelosi?


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