CJ Werleman must’ve felt sorry for AOC taking so much heat for her ridiculous and painfully disrespectful comments about concentration camps because he certainly did his part to write something vile, abhorrent, and anti-Semitic on Twitter.

Either that or he’s just another anti-Semitic douchebag.

The Holocaust Industry.



Oh, and hey, read this horrible book to support his horrible tweet.

And then this he tweeted this because you know, he’s the real victim in all of this.

OMG – we can’t believe he didn’t realize this was a stupid thing to tweet.

His original tweet was garbage. FACT!

Freaking yikes. Yup.

What he said.


So much no.

Helpful hint, when someone says, ‘they like you BUT,’ you REALLY screwed up.

Something like that.

Big ones.


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