Google’s CEO admits to this ‘activist journalist’ that they are determining for themselves what ‘hate speech’ constitutes on YouTube and making editorial decisions what to remove, in essence acting as a publisher instead of a platform.

Which we knew.

But to see him admit it? Wow.


Holy crap, right?

And yup, you can tell this so-called ‘journalist’ is definitely rooting for more censorship on YouTube.

Please note how this editor managed not to make a joke about ‘Velma’s’ voice being sorta deeper than she remembered … wait, she just made that joke.


These people control the digital world and to think of them determining what we can and can’t see, write, or say is terrifying.

Nailed it.

We definitely need to address when journalists are behaving more like activists than journalists but that’s another story.


You’d think.

In a way, these platforms already are trying to ‘help people’ decide who they vote for by controlling the content and acting as … wait for it … publishers instead of platforms.

Scary stuff indeed.


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