Shew! It’s been far too long since we had the opportunity to cover our very favorite parody on Twitter, Sean Spicier. A Twitchy feed without stories about this guy (or gal) seems just wrong, doncha think?

Luckily, Sean took it upon himself to enrage a good many Leftists by tweeting about the House Judiciary Committee interviewing John Dean of all people, a dig at whiners complaining that the Trump administration refused to fly the Pride flag at embassies, and of course, good ol’ Russian collusion.

You’d think by now these sad, silly people would have figured it out but … they’re sad and silly for a reason.

Wow, this person was so angry over Sean’s tweet that he or she forgot how to spell the words ‘you’ and ‘and’. Ok, fine, it was probably a character limit thing but admit it, this seems like someone yelling just to yell, right?


Every time they tell a parody account to ‘sit this one out’ this editor laughs just a little more.


The intersectionality of this tweet completely confused this editor so we’ll just leave it be.

Heck, let’s get 3!

It’s like they’re not even trying.

As long as Barr promises to investigate himself like Holder did.


Never. Gets. Old.


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