Earlier this week, Twitchy shared a video of AOC making a complete fool of herself interviewing an FBI official on domestic terrorism trying DESPERATELY to pretend white supremacy should be included … it was a painful interview and hard to watch even if you knew she was going to make a complete a*s of herself.

Which is probably why NowThis took it upon themselves to edit the video and craft false tweets to help her save face.

Here’s the real video:

Wowza, talk about a whole lotta editing and spinning from NowThis. Guess making AOC look smart takes a LOT of work.

And the lengths far-left propaganda groups are willing to go to in order to prop her ridiculous ignorance up is insane.

Democrats have done a bang-up job of keeping us entertained …


He was far more professional than this editor could have been, which is probably why he’s the FBI guy and this editor is well, this editor.


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