After Joe Biden flip-flopped on the Hyde Amendment on Thursday evening (and spare us, this was not him ‘evolving’), David Harsanyi wrote a fact-filled thread of Biden’s history when it comes to the Hyde Amendment and it only made Creepy Uncle Joe look even worse on this issue.

He spent decades voting for and defending the Hyde Amendment …

43 years ago.

Let that sink in.

Whaddya know?

Saved it AGAIN.

Good ol’ Bubba, always protecting his own interests.

Enter the mob.


Anything to win though, right Joe?

Not at all. The Right just wants people to think they are … sure.

But abortion is a woman’s right and stuff, it says so in the Constitution, right by the free healthcare and free college.

Means he’s nothing but a shallow, desperate-to-win, politician.

Wow, Joe, after ALL of that you gave in so easy.


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