The Blaze’s Chad Prather zinged Eric Swalwell with a tweet about jogging since when Eric originally announced he was running for president he did a little ‘teaser’ of himself jogging up to the camera.

We even covered his cringeworthy announcement.

Yeah, some days it’s hard being a Twitchy editor.

Makes sense. He jogged into the race so he should probably jog out of it.

Eric responded.

He doesn’t jog?

Wait, what?

But we’ve seen proof … and c’mon already, Eric, @MomsDemand just isn’t into you. Move on.

Clearly, he does jog.

Or he wanted people to think he does.

Eric couldn’t just leave well enough alone.

Umm … what? This was Chad correcting Eric because he does jog.

We get that the Eddie Haskell looking Democratic candidate really wanted to save face here but wow.

And crickets.

If this is how Eric owns the trolls he’s really not good at it.

It’s their way.

Yeah, that was pretty awesome.


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