Earlier this week, Obama flat-out lied to a Brazil crowd about gun laws in America. We get it, Obama cares more about himself than he does about this country (it was even that way when he was president) but the fact that he would openly lie in this way on foreign soil says so much more about him and ain’t none of it good.

Dan Crenshaw had enough.

Why is Obama lying? Dan might as well ask why the sun rises …

We almost forgot how awful Obama can really be. Almost.

Dan is effective because he always backs up his arguments with facts. Well, that and he wears a kickass eye patch but we digress.

Obama loved to create a crisis just so he could pretend to save us all from it.

Man, he really sucked.

Hrm. Not untrue.

Ba-dum-bum … tsss.

And sadly all too accurate.


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