Boy howdy, Eric Swalwell’s tweet telling folks not to worry, that they could keep their pistols, shotguns, and rifles when he’s president (HA HA HA HA) seems to have gotten him a lot of attention. Unfortunately for the Eddie Haskell lookalike, it’s not been good attention.

Dana Loesch asked Eric for clarification on the phrase, ‘military-style assault weapon.’

And of course, Eric was unable to answer Dana’s question (we know, you’re shocked). But Rosanna Arquette took it upon herself to chime in.

Umm … what?

The irony of her claiming Dana is ignorant about guns is well ironic.

Dana replied:

It’s the only sort of response braindead Hollywood has-beens have left … a dumb one.

One of her toadies tried to defend her (not bright).

Because Dana shut her down.


We covered Rosanna a couple of weeks ago. She’s interesting.

See, we’re nice.


But accurate.


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