Rep. Thomas Massie questioned why Nancy Pelosi didn’t call Congress back yesterday to vote on a disaster relief bill. Instead, Nan was more interested in attending a Disney fundraiser.

What was it Ilhan Omar said? It’s all about the Benjamins …

Gotta schmooze.

Thomas doubled down.

And it seems his tweets got the attention of a Twitter troll who took it upon ‘himself’ to white-knight for Nancy. Although he didn’t do such a great job of it …

Oh … my dude.

The only ‘sorry Sparky’ person we’re seeing is the troll because guess what?


Guess the guy who actually works in the House would probably know, eh Sparky?

Oooh, now he tried Skippy.

Wait a tick, have we found Nancy’s sock account? Nancy, is that you? If so, nice goatee.


And the mic has been dropped.

Troll has been dismissed and owned.

True dat.


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