Ever since Mueller’s little stunt on Wednesday, we’ve all been waiting to see how AG Bill Barr reacts to his statement. CBS News released a ‘preview’ of their exclusive interview with Barr and if these snippets are any indication it’s about to get real.


‘I’m not sure what he was suggesting, but the Department of Justice doesn’t use our powers of investigating crime as an adjunct to Congress.’

Barr seems very quiet and calm.

Which is probably not a good thing for Mueller or our good, delicate friends on the Left.

Wow. People are more interested in getting their way politically …

This is awesome.

Can’t wait to watch the entire interview tonight. If the Left lost their marbles over these tiny blips imagine the meltdown they’ll have after the entire interview.

Look at this.

Say what?

We’re not entirely sure they’ve been paying attention … at all.

Guess she didn’t like his answer?

Don’t you love Twitter legal experts?

You know, they really should use more hashtags when they tweet, it makes them seem so rational.

Ever notice anything the Left doesn’t like or agree with is a lie? Sort of like how the only way they lose elections is if Republicans cheat …



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