Erick Erickson has been ‘locked’ on Twitter for hateful conduct.

For real?!

The last person we would ever think of when it comes to ‘hateful conduct’ is Erick. Seriously. One of the nicest Conservatives out there … and Twitter locked him of all people for hateful conduct.

They’ve gotta be sh*tting us.

THAT’s the tweet?! Seriously?! The guy who wanted to punch high school kids in the face was AOK but somehow Erick is busted for making this joke?

Yeah, because Erick is super hateful and stuff.


Like we said, one of the nicest ones out there. He’s not even mean to the Left and as we all know it’s REALLY easy to be mean to them.

Really Twitter?


Like most Lefties, Twitter has zero sense of humor. This proves it.

Join the club.

We have a bunch of words but they’d probably only get us locked and or suspended soooo will be keeping them to ourselves.

So lame.


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