Anyone else notice the only time we really read about Eric Swalwell in the media is when someone, somewhere is making him look like a doorknob? We suppose if that’s his main selling point as to why he’s running for president then he’s doing a good job.

But we’re willing to bet that’s not actually what he wants to be known for.

He is the only candidate who continuously gives us fodder here at Twitchy. Sure, they all say and do stupid things (they’re Democrats) BUT Eric gives us a new treasure each and every day.

Thanks, little buddy.

Adam Baldwin summed up … nah, he LEVELED Eric and his entire campaign in one simple tweet.

Oh YEAH, that’s it.


Yup. Criminals are going to march right up to Eric, hand him all of their illegal guns, and start singing God Bless America.


But doggone it, nobody likes him.


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