Charles … sorry … Charlotte Clymer is onto us! It’s all a plot by us evil, inflammatory Conservative media outlets to sew division on the Left by reporting which Democrat AOC is going to endorse. MWAHAHAHAHAH!

And we would’ve gotten away with it too if not for these meddling kids.

Look at this silliness.

Forget that AOC has been spending a lot of time with Warren, they even made a Game of Thrones series finale review together, but only the evil Conservative media would ever make anything out of that.

AOC responded.

Alt-right outlets?

Holy sh*t.

We know she’s not the brightest crayon in the box but if she thinks all Conservative media is alt-right she needs to get out more.


Bernie supporters chimed in:

Gosh, does Clymer have an ulterior motive? Get outta town. And here we thought it was our fault?

Tough crowd.

Really tough crowd.

It’s seriously like these people live in a strange little bubble.

See what we mean?


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