Yeah, this tweet-tantrum from Pardes Seleh is bait.

We know it and you know it.

But since we covered her original ‘hot take’ about housewives and stay at home moms a couple of days ago we thought we’d better follow up … so here we are.

How dare these women who are proof that her entire take was a hot mess speak out against her! Who do they think they are?

Note, it would appear Pardes deleted all of her tweets and unfollowed a bunch of people after this last ‘incident’ because she wanted to detox. We’re not entirely sure that whole detox worked out for her though.

Yes. There was definitely someone involved with zero brains but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t the women who called Pardes out.

Hall Monitor Conservatives.


Guess how this went over?

Lady Demosthenes meet Twitter.

Twitter meet Lady Demosthenes.

No idea.

Now now, don’t twist her words.

Right? It seems to us a strange way to try and gain an audience but what do we know?



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