Sounds like Dave Rubin is being targeted by a partially coordinated effort on Twitter.

Must be the Russians.

Oh, wait.

And as usual, Twitter was front and center to help Dave with protecting his account.


They were far too busy locking Erick Erickson of all people for telling a joke about Elizabeth Warren. Duh.


That works.

Nope, he doesn’t.

To be honest, evidence of coordinated attacks on Dave is all over this thread but we’re willing to bet Twitter won’t do a damn thing. Take a look at the ones we can actually share, most of them are so foul we’d be here all day trying to screenshot them.

These are the same people who have been claiming we’re all Russian bots.

Think about that for a minute.

Let us harass you or you’re fragile.

Classy group.

Deadspin loser.


Twitter is just awful.

But you knew that.


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