That Maggie Haberman shared this with a straight face speaks volumes about traditional media and ain’t none of it good.

From the New York Times:

Yet Mr. Trump portrayed the Mueller investigation as out of control — an ever-expanding blob that consumed anything in its path — and his attacks on the special counsel and his team began immediately. “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!” he wrote in a tweet the morning after Mr. Mueller was appointed.

His attempts to fire Mr. Mueller were thwarted, so he poured his energy into trying to discredit the special counsel and his team.


Attorney General William P. Barr, over weeks in late March and April, set the narrative about the Mueller investigation’s conclusions even as Mr. Mueller himself remained silent. During this time, he took his own shots at Mr. Mueller and his team.

It is now clear that Mr. Mueller will try his best to avoid giving any further public opinion about the evidence he found, leaving Mr. Barr and Mr. Trump plenty of room to spin the report. On Thursday, Mr. Trump said that Mr. Mueller’s team consisted of “some of the worst human beings on earth.”

And like his boss, Mr. Barr has said it is time to flip the investigative lens — to examine why the Mueller inquiry began in the first place.

Oh, good GRIEF.

Man, Barr has really gotten under their skin.

Sean Davis lit Maggie, the article she shared, and Mueller himself UP.

Not to mention AG’s are all handpicked by the president.

Rhetorical fraud at the heart of liberalism.

Beautifully put.


As we’ve learned from the past few years, if the media weren’t doing this country a disservice they wouldn’t be doing anything.


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