Sharyl Attkisson didn’t hold back in her latest piece on how desperate Democrats have looked since the Mueller report came back with no Russian collusion.






From Sharyl via The Hill:

Trump’s alleged conversations about trying to switch out Mueller, as documented in interviews with the special counsel, could fairly be interpreted as attempts to seek justice, not to obstruct it.

The story would be entirely different, of course, if Trump had turned out to be Putin’s agent — and for two years, I and many others fully suspected that could be the outcome of the Mueller probe, based on all the leaks and reporting. But it wasn’t the case.

Those who think Trump is unfit for office, or who otherwise oppose him, might carry more weight if they publicly acknowledge that they chased their tails for two years and, when they finally snagged it, realized they hadn’t captured the enemy. Then, they could more credibly move forward to another focus, such as targeting the Trump policies they find objectionable.

In the end, Trump wasn’t the liar on this major point; instead, his critics were the ones who were sorely mistaken. They accused the president of the worst sort of treachery but, according to Mueller, Trump was telling the truth all along when he said there was no collusion with Russia.

His critics were solely mistaken.


Like most liberal movements they have indeed become a cult.

Americans, in general, are tired of the endless investigations. But if Democrats think this is a winning strategy for 2020 (and c’mon, if you don’t think this is politically motivated we have a bridge to sell you), they’re going to be in for a real disappointment next year.


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