Looks like Bill Kristol is trying to start a new ‘movement’ with his #NeverSanders hashtag. We can’t help but wonder if this means he’s more ‘never’ about Bernie or Trump at this point.

Sad that it’s hard to tell, right?

Gotta LOVE 2019 politics.



Interestingly enough, Bill did NOT tag Bernie Sanders (shocker, usually that crowd is so good about tagging the people they’re trashing) but he still somehow managed to see the tweet. That means either someone sent ol’ Bernie the tweet or he’s searching his name on Twitter …





Quasi-Stalinist what now?


We’re not sure if we should root for Bill or Bernie … maybe neither one.

Some people were really angry at Bill:

Rob seems nice.

Which part?

And then others were really mad at Bernie.

Meanwhile, this editor is just sitting on the sidelines reading replies and trying to figure out how to make enough popcorn for all of this entertainment.

And to think, Twitter is still free.


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