We can’t decide if this thread from Saladino for Congress is epic or cringy.

Could it be both?

You know what, we’re going to go with both. Why not?

Take a look.

Thousands of times? Welp, depending on his age we suppose that’s possible.

A lot of people on Twitter have sad sex lives, so this is fair.

There ya’ go.

It’s the soy, man.


Now he’s doing math and excuse us, we were told there would be NO MATH.

Safe sex and experience.

What a monster this guy is.


Saladino, meet Twitter.

Twitter, meet Saladino.


We’re getting a pretty big kick outta it too.

You know it’s bad when someone has to turn notifications off.

Quite frankly we didn’t see anything all that shocking in his thread but we don’t ingest a lot of soy so what do we know?

Wait, what now?

These people are unhinged.

But you knew that.

Oh, we dunno. It might.

How dare he enjoy sex and manage not to impregnate his partner! The nerve.

You ever write something and think to yourself, ‘Self, I can’t believe we just wrote that.’


And we’re done here.


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