In case you were still unsure whether or not Trump has had enough of this investigating him endlessly bullcrap after his Rose Garden speech on Wednesday, Sarah Sanders was more than happy to throw down the gauntlet on CNN this morning with Alysin Camerota.


Sarah dropped it like it’s hot. Is that still a thing?

LOVE the look on Alysin’s face.

And yes, Trump was VERY clear yesterday.

Cue the outrage, froth, and general crankiness from the Left:

EL OH EL. If he can’t be harassed 24/7 he should resign.

These people.

Oh, there are definitely some folks acting like teenagers here but we’re pretty sure it’s not the Trump administration.

Pretty sure they don’t want none, just sayin’.

And yet she felt the need to comment on it on Twitter.

She showed them!

The Left calling others ‘simple-minded’ … that’s hilarious.

THERE it is, always going after the way she looks.

Gotta love the sexist Left.

Just included this one to remind everyone the Left can’t meme.

Clearly you all do.


Annnnnd we’re done here.


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