Seems Ian Millhiser is out there doing his best to influence people and make new friends again.

Oh, wait. Just kidding.

Dude gets so worked up …

Federalism BAD.


This guy.

There’s more … sorry.

See, he knows he’s unbearable.

And sorry, if we have to bear with him so do you.

Bad ol’ Wyoming! BAD!

And we all know how much Ian loves it when feds trump the states.

The stupid burns.

Esoteric Jeff chimed in.

Ian, stereotyping people?

But he’s usually so unbiased, informed, fair, and reasonable … HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Some people (ahem, Ian) prefer their convenient stereotypes.


He tried so hard to somehow make Gorsuch’s vote a bad thing because … wait for it … ORANGE MAN BAD.

Makes two of us.


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