Earlier, Twitchy mocked … err … wrote about Kamala Harris coming up with fake solutions to fake problems because she has nothing else to really run on. What we’re referring to of course is her pandering for votes on the mythical, easily-debunked wage gap.

Which for some reason Bryce Covert thought a lot of, even calling her ‘really smart’ for putting the burden on closing the so-called gender wage gap on employers.

Alrighty then.

Except women as individuals are the ones most capable of changing the wage gap if they have one.

Carol Roth just kicked this argument in the teeth.

‘Will only end up hurting women.’

But hey, as long as Kamala gets those votes that’s all that matters because then she can blame the evil GOP for not letting her pass what is needed to help these poor women.


Preach, Carol.

Amen GIRL.

But women are victims and stuff!

Oh, wait.


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