In the past, we have written about various company accounts tweeting funny, clever, or even moving things. Like Wendy’s ignoring Alyssa Milano’s tantrum over their spicy chicken nuggets … but every once in a while we have to cover a company account saying something really stupid.

Like this tweet from Burger King UK encouraging idiots to throw milkshakes at people they disagree with after Nigel Farage was hit by a milkshake.

Have fun throwing milkshakes at political leaders and stuff … SUPER EDGY BK.

They were then called out for the tweet and claimed they would never endorse violence.

Which was total BS but whatevs.

Nobody really bought what they were selling on Twitter and if they’re not careful, people will stop buying the real things they sell, like Whoppers.

Bradon Darby nailed them.

And then the media will claim the people who hit back in self-defense are the violent ones.


Brandon speaks the truth.

Look at this Ian Dunt gent claiming that throwing a milkshake at someone isn’t violence.


Yes, people claiming this is an act of violence are the disgraceful ones.

These people.


Pretty sure Ian wouldn’t like that.

He might even consider that violence.

Nothing to applaud.

Bad tweet from BK, worse tweet from Ian.


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