Oh, good, Cenk Uygur shared his opinion on the GOP and being pro-life … said no one, literally ever.


This argument is one that pro-aborts have been making for years now. In their sad little minds, it’s better to be dead than poor, and so they hold life hostage while pretending it’s the evil Right who doesn’t really care about people because they disagree with life-long dependence on entitlement programs. Meanwhile, the Left continues to dehumanize the unborn so they can pat themselves on the back for pretending abortion is a right that somehow makes a woman more powerful.

Pretty awful, isn’t it?

He knows it’s not accurate.

He just doesn’t care.

He’s feeding his angry, uninformed, base what they want and that’s all that matters to him.

Read? Cenk? Ha.

There it is.

Democrats have been fighting a war on poverty for decades and people are still poor proving government doesn’t really solve problems.

Go figure.

Nailed it.


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