We can’t decide if James Comey is just really this arrogant or if he’s over-compensating with this tweet. He does realize the man he’s trying to smear here is investigating the origins of the Russia probe, yes? And that could (and likely does) include him?

Maybe he’s spent too much time in the forest taking selfies.

Comey should probably sit this one out.

Just sayin’.

Rep. Mark Meadows didn’t pull a single punch:

It’s like Mark just said karma is a b*tch, but only when you are first.

He just said it better.

Whoa. Minds blown.

And since Comey is the Left’s last great hope (sad, ain’t it?) they were front and center shaking their angry little fists at Meadows.

Look at this mess:

Alrighty then.



It’s like they live in their own little angry world.

Getting lectured on being a ‘good, honest human’ from the Left.

Now we’ve seen everything.

They’ve been making threats like this for over two years now and over and over again, these threats prove to be nothing more than empty.

Sort of like their heads.


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