So is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really trying to make the case that it’s racist to label a mass shooting by a Muslim as ‘domestic terrorism’? We get that she’s trying to somehow prove that white supremacists are terrorists but for real?

This has gotta be one of those things that sounded better in her head.

We’re not sure AOC actually understands what the definition of ‘terrorism’ is.


Except it IS terrorism, Alex from the Bronx.

A hate crime is very different from terrorism.

You know that face you make when your teenage son is trying to teach you how to play Fortnite and you can’t even figure out the stupid controller so you just quit and stomp out of the room? Yup, just made that face.

And yes, that was a very specific face, heh.

Oh yeah, seems those gunmen have magically disappeared from the media.

Wonder why that is?

Terrorism is also a political thing but hey, what do we know?

That’s pretty damn serious but you know, racism and stuff.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write her tweets.

Gotta keep us divided ya’ know.

It’s the Democrat way.

‘The pursuit of political aims.’

Huh, nothing about race here, AOC. But sure, go with that whole racist thing … sounds legit.


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