You know those threads you read on Twitter and you think to yourself, ‘Self, this can’t be real life. This can’t be our government and our media.’ But then you remember it’s 2019 and it seems like everything is a mess of conspiracy and crazy and you have no choice other than to accept that this IS real life.

This thread from Svetlana Lokhova is one of those threads wherein she takes the Wall Street Journal and ‘dirty-ops guy for the FBI’ Stefan Halper apart.

Halper wasn’t even at the dinner.


These are some seriously horrible people.

First NBC, now WSJ. What was really going ON here!?

Seems our friends in the media were publishing a good many ‘false stories’.

‘Assigned seating, so it would have been impossible for Ms. Lokhova to have approached Flynn.’

None of it was included in the WSJ piece because it didn’t support the narrative they were trying to push.

They were after Flynn.

That really says it all, doesn’t it?

After him.


Friend of Chris Steele.

Well alrighty then.


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