Yeah, we know Dana Gould is trolling for attention from both pro-life (who he is trying desperately to crap on) and pro-aborts (who might cheer him on) but ultimately all he really did was make a gigantic a-hole of himself.

Oh, and admit he knows abortion is murder.

True story.

Never heard of this ‘comedian’ but apparently, he hasn’t done much other than get canned from a series here and there. Sheesh, Twitter will verify any sad, angry, rage-monkey these days as long as they’re raging about the right things and at the right people.


Oof again.

And finally OOF.

If his goal was to prove how disgusting and foul pro-choice can be he succeeded.

Yup, the majority of his ‘idiot followers’ fawning over this crap tweet are a bunch of old white liberal guys … yeah, it’s pretty sad. It sort of reminds us of a Starbucks around 10:30 a.m. in downtown Chicago. Heh.

And this right here is already funnier than what ol’ Dana wrote.

Way to go, Dana!

We will defend comedy!

Especially from unfunny ‘comedians’ like Dana.


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