We won’t pretend to understand a single thing that has been going on behind the scenes where the Steele dossier is concerned but thankfully Chuck Ross does get it and was good enough to write an entire thread on what we need to know about Christopher Steele and much more.

This is lengthy but worth the read.

Ex-Russian intel official has links to Stefan Halper.

No big deal.




Filled with mistakes.

Very strange.


Cleared up. Huh.


Inquiring minds wanna know.

They never thought they’d lose so they never thought they’d get caught.



TFW Mollie Hemingway cleans Chris Cillizza’s clock for arguing a complete straw man to DUNK on Conservatives

‘A number of CLEAR mistakes’: Barr’s latest comments about FBI reliance on the Steele dossier should terrify Obama admin

This crap AGAIN?! Blue-check atheist Muslim’s super-scientific test of when life begins gets destroyed again, and again, and again

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