Just a helpful hint to Ali A. Rizvi, never EVER do, say, or tweet anything Patrick Tomlinson would do, say, or tweet. We destroyed Pat months ago when he tried to make this same lame argument for abortion and yeah … it didn’t go so hot for him then and it didn’t go so how for ol’ Ali here now.

When it comes to dumb tests this test may be the dumbest of them all.

Ali and others like him think this test is valid because they don’t respect life in general which is ultimately the basis of other issues we have in this country like gun violence (and not the gun) but that’s another conversation.

They have been for months, heck maybe years at this point.

That. ^

What’s even sadder is Ali proudly gave credit to Tomlinson for it … wow.


And a unicorn!


At the end of the day, yup, this argument is dumb. It has always been dumb. And that pro-aborts like Ali keep sharing it like it’s not dumb proves how dumb the abortion lobby is.

Sorry, not sorry.


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