Kamala Harris is really doubling down on the mythical wage gap in her platform.

We suppose she needs something to run on but yikes.

How long until we see this on a bumper sticker? *eye roll*

Whaddya gonna do, Kamala, make it extra super duper illegal?

From CNN (of course):

The plan seeks to change where the onus falls in the current system: Instead of requiring employees to come forward to complain about equal pay, companies would now be required to submit data on equal pay each year to comply with new standards.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, shortly before Harris headlined a town hall in Los Angeles, the California Democrat called pay equity a “really big issue” where “if you lift up the economic status of women, you lift up the economic status of families and communities and all of society benefits.”

“What I am proposing is we shift the burden: It should not be on that working woman to prove it, it should instead be on that large corporation to prove they’re paying people for equal work equally,” Harris said. “It’s that simple, it’s literally that simple. And this, then, is not only about fairness and equality, it’s about transparency. Show us what you got. That’s it.”

So her big idea is to treat corporations like indentured servants to the government when we know it’s usually the government that is guilty of having issues with paying their people fairly. See Obama.

And yeah, pass.

Man, Democrats really hate private industry.

What is she going to do? Make it more illegal to pay women less based on their sex?


THERE ya’ go! If Kamala and Democrats really want to make it where women have more money in their pockets they should support the current tax cuts and work to cut taxes even more.

But we all know that ain’t happenin’ anytime soon.


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