Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said something stupid.

And in other news, water is still wet and a pig’s backside is still pork.

AOC tried to claim GA’s law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy was some sort of ‘backdoor ban’ and that a six-week-old fetus is really just a missed period plus two weeks.

Ben Shapiro was good enough to set her straight:

Look at all the science and reality in this tweet.

What a meanie Ben is.

And for that reason, David Klion took it upon himself to rush to AOC’s rescue.

Oh NOEZ, not the virgin insult!

WhatEVER will Ben do now?! HE’S SO OWNED.

These people never learn.

You’d think by now they’d know better than to pick a fight with Ben.

But they just keep coming back for more.


We have questions.

‘Nuff said.


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