Hey, in case you missed it, everything is still stupid in this country.

As evident by a major sports franchise ‘investigating’ a fan for flashing a supposed ‘white power’ symbol during a broadcast.


Yup, it’s for real … look at this crap.

It’s like the Chicago Cubs think they’re Jussie Smollett or something.

From The Hill:

The Chicago Cubs said Wednesday they are investigating a fan’s use of an “offensive hand gesture” that was broadcast during the team’s game the previous night.

In footage of the Tuesday game at Wrigley Field on NBC Sports Chicago, a fan could be seen making an alleged “white power” symbol behind reporter Doug Glanville, who is black.


Stupid on this level should absolutely be painful.

They BANNED the guy!

Dude, it’s so damn dumb.


Gotta be below the waist.

It’s the rules.

Because it’s a GAME.

Did we mention this is damn dumb?

Cubbies should revoke the ban IMMEDIATELY, apologize to this fan and hope to all that’s HOLY he doesn’t decide to file some sort of defamation suit.


Wait, you know what? This isn’t unreal. THIS IS REAL, and a sad, sad reflection of the poison ‘progressives’ are spreading throughout this country with their stupid identity politics.



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