As Twitchy readers know, Alyssa Milano lost her sh*t when Chance the Rapper helped Wendy’s reach 2 million faves on a tweet and bring back their spicy chicken nuggets.

No, seriously, that’s why she was mad.

She didn’t want him helping Wendy’s because apparently, the fields where they grow their spicy chicken nuggets are fraught with rapists or something. Don’t make that face, we know it’s nutty. Welp, when that didn’t work out so well for her on Twitter (it was pretty embarrassing) she took her fight to Facebook.

And then linked to it from Twitter and tagged Wendy’s.

You know their social media peeps just shake their head when they see this nonsense.

Oh good.

Her full response … because you know, we all wanted to read that.

Full transparency, this editor couldn’t read the whole thing.

Sorry, not sorry.

Who has this much time to sit around on Facebook complaining at a fast-food company?

Wait, you know what, don’t answer that.

Quiet you with all this talk of reality and stuff.

Whoa, so Alyssa is like a Gremlin?

That actually explains a whole lot.

OOF. But Wendy’s is selling spicy chicken nuggets and they MUST BE STOPPED.

Chick needs a hobby, right?

Dammit, now this editor wants Wendy’s. MAYBE Alyssa is a covert Wendy’s plant and they know we’ll all eat more spicy chicken nuggets just to spite her!

And maybe monkeys will fly outta our butts.

And curtain.


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