Next thing ya’ know she’ll be yelling at complete strangers for wearing a certain hat.

Oh, wait.

You guys remember Natalie Weiner, right? She’s the ‘sports journo’ who was so enraged at a man for wearing a MAGA hat at a jazz show that she yelled at him, came on Twitter to brag about yelling at him, then locked her account when Twitter pointed out how she was the bad guy in her story.

Would appear she has unlocked her account but didn’t exactly learn anything from the experience.

Right? Because arming willing and trained teachers to protect classrooms is so dystopian.

We’re not entirely sure she knows what that word means.


One has to wonder if she yells at this image of herself.

But tell us how you really feel, Gary.

Well, now we’re confused too. Thanks a lot, pal!

In other words, mind your own damn business.

And there it is.

Good luck indeed, Natalie.


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