The Left has no sense of humor.

Like zero.



It must be rough going through life with a perpetual stick up your backside though, so maybe that’s why they’re so cranky all of the time. For example, this simple tweet about a McConnell t-shirt really upset our delicate friends on the Left.

This editor may have bought two of them … just sayin’.



Lighten up.

Team Mitch responded.


Whoever runs this account is officially one of our spirt animals.

Lighten UP, Francis.

He took their insult and made it work for him and they can’t stand it.


And to think, this site is still free.


‘Get ready to attack me.’ WOW, this Sergio Siano troll may be the most pathetic example of ‘look at meeeee’ we’ve EVER seen

‘This CRAP is out of control’: Chicago Cubs STRIKE OUT banning a fan for LIFE for playing ‘circle/shoulder punch game’

Bless her little dystopian HEART! Blue-check ‘sports journo’ known for bullying man in MAGA hat strikes AGAIN