TFW even as a Twitchy editor you wonder if Chuck Schumer has been hacked.


In this tweet, it looks like Chuck not only agrees with Trump on China but he even supports him.

*minds blown*

Whoa. Chuck, is that really you?

And as you can imagine, the Left was totally STOKED to see Chucks’ tweet supporting Trump… HA HA HA HA HA HA

How quickly they turn on one another.

It could be?

For some people, Trump could say we need air to breathe and if a Democrat dared agree with him they’d be outraged and look to unseat him or her.

Man, they really want it to be sarcasm.

The Right had a different reaction to Chuck’s support:


Or maybe it was sarcasm and Chuck just didn’t make it obvious enough?

Either way, he got our attention.



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