Ever notice Ilhan Omar is on the wrong side of almost every issue, policy, conflict, etc? Just once we’d like to see her say something supportive of America or one of our allies … that’s not too much to ask for, right? Considering she’s an elected official in AMERICA.

Look at this nonsense.

Right? Freakin’ Israel always making Gaza fire rockets at them and stuff.

Liz Cheney unloaded on Ilhan in a big way.

Think Ilhan will accuse Liz of being sexist and or racist for this tweet? That’s her go-to when challenged ya’ know.

Nancy’s excuse for Ilhan’s crap behavior and comments is that she’s too ignorant to actually understand what she’s saying or something.

And right, like a Democrat would ever actually suffer any consequences.

We’d pay good money to watch this.


Every single time.

And that’s ultimately the sad truth.


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