California’s Senate ‘overwhelmingly’ passed a bill that would keep presidential candidates off the state’s 2020 ballot unless they release their tax returns.

Which of course would include Trump … as if they did this for any other reason other than dunking on the president about his taxes.


Dan McLaughlin, aka BaseballCrank, wrote an epic, totally rad and yeah, pretty damn long thread about the Electoral College and how California’s actions remind us WHY it’s imperative to our elections.


And they think this is a good thing.

Don’t make that face.

So Democrats have done this to a Republican before.


Clearly we should allow California and New York to tell the rest of this country what to do.

*eye roll*

The Left would have set this country on fire.

Cooper is so tough he blocked Dan just for commenting.

Granted, he thinks keeping a candidate off the ballot is a good thing so we’re not exactly surprised by this.

Oh, look. Parker is being … Parker.

Media Matters really found a winner here.

Lefties lost their damn minds about Dan’s tweets so clearly, he was spot on here.


We love how Dan keeps his calm even as people around him are screaming and pulling their hair out. It makes this even more entertaining.

Will deleted his tweet.


Molly tries so hard.

It would be hilarious if she weren’t so sad.



So mad.

Guess so.

By race? WTF?

Told you! In other words … Electoral College is the poo, Lefties, take a big whiff.



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