Rep. Al Green accidentally admitted why the Democrats REALLY want Trump impeached and it has zero to do with looking out for this country or the American people. No no. It has to do with the reality that Democrats know they cannot beat Trump fair and square in 2020.

Hey, we didn’t say it, Al did.


Forget what the people who ELECTED Trump want … all that matters to Democrats is that Democrats are in power.

The next time any of them start prattling on about how they must impeach Trump to protect this country you send them this clip of Al Green whining that if they don’t impeach Trump he’ll win re-election.

They are just TERRIBLE.

He reminds this editor of a villain in a low-budget 80’s action movie.


Because if they don’t impeach him HE’LL WIN!




They do NOT want to run against Trump’s economy, nope.

So if they can’t impeach him they’re in deep crap … but if you look at polls if they DO try and impeach him they’re in deep crap.

Good times.


It’s also a teensy bit infuriating as well.


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