Ever wonder what happened to Adam Schiff’s proof that Trump colluded with Russia? Seriously, could Schiff For Brains have set himself up any more with this tweet?

Bill Maher was right, Adam is really starting to look like a stalker.

Whoever told elected officials (especially Democrats) they need to tweet more, thank you. It is a treasure trove of twittery that keeps we, silly Twitchy editors, busy each and every day. You’d think though that after a while someone close to people like Adam would tell them they’re making fools of themselves every time they tweet this crap.

Umm yeah, Adam has the report.

Ugh, the words Tom Arnold and ‘Pee Tape’ should really never be in the same sentence.


Seriously. When even Democrats like Maher are starting to tell him to move on … it’s time.


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