Parker Molloy is so angry with LGBTQ Nation for publishing a piece from gay Conservative Chad Felix Greene that she started attacking the publication … only MOMENTS after she tweeted this:

Guess she was only wishing the press she agrees with a happy #WorldPressDay.

Chad is standing up for Pete Buttigieg and Parker is still throwing a fit about it.

He is agreeing with her and yet she is smearing him because she disagrees with his politics.


Guys. *eye roll*

Who wants to explain to Parker what bigotry looks like?


Poor Bil, he’s trying.

You know she’s a lot of fun at birthday parties.

Man, she is so ranty.


Guess Chad just isn’t the right ‘type of gay’ in Parker’s sad opinion.

Seems her opinions aren’t exactly popular.

Chad himself fired back:



His piece also triggered the ratio king himself, Zack Ford.

Cripes. EL OH EL.

It’s an article.

Zack and Parker likely agree with Chad’s opinions on Pete Buttigieg but they ‘hate’ him so much they are willing to try and hurt a publication for using an article he wrote.

You just have to wonder what the heck is wrong with people these days.


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