ThinkProgress’ Zack Ford apparently was very upset about the idea of a ‘National Day of Prayer.’ Forget that it really had nothing to do with him and nobody was forcing anybody to pray … look at this.

We read a LOT of hot takes but wow, this one is out there.


Why would he think someone praying would erase and or stigmatize him? Sounds to this editor like he needs a whole LOTTA prayers … just sayin’.


So using that.

Going through life thinking you are the ultimate victim of people you don’t even know; that has to be just exhausting.


RIGHT?! Ya’ know, since it’s a holiday and stuff. Sorta like Santa breaking into millions of homes on Christmas Eve … monsters!

Not all heroes wear capes.

Just sayin’.


Atheists don’t believe in God.

Anti-theists are against religion.

There is a difference.



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