Yesterday we saw a side of Rep. Steve Cohen we never, EVER, want to see again. Oh, sure, his whole chicken rant about Barr was stupid but watching the man literally eat fried chicken … gross.

We just did an all-over grossed-out body shiver.


Yes, exactly like that.

Brit Hume had but one comment for this Cryptkeeper-looking toolbag:

Just pat him on the head and walk away, Brit.

And we thought Cory Booker was childish with his ‘Spartacus’ moment.


That’s an insult to Ben Franklin.

To that point though, WTF was Cohen thinking? Surely he knew the world would be more amused by him than with him?

Democrats. *eye roll*

Plus he blocks anyone who might be able to help him figure out he just embarrassed himself.

That’s almost as disconcerting as watching this weirdo eat fried chicken.


Wouldn’t count on it.

Good point.

Way to embarrass your constituents, Steve-O.


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