Jake Tapper had Rep. Jerry Nadler on State of the Union this morning to chit chat about a variety of subjects from the Mueller report to Trump putting illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities.

We’re wondering if Jake thinks Jerry is as full of it as we do when he stuttered through why he thinks it’s ‘illegal’ and wrong for Trump to place illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, mainly because of the faces he makes during the interview. You can tell he’s trying NOT to react …


He looks interested, he looks like he’s listening, but he also looks a little bit uncomfortable watching Nadler painfully try and explain why it’s not a good thing for illegal immigrants to be transported to sanctuary cities.

Jerry was clearly trying to spin this but ultimately why wouldn’t Democrats want illegal immigrants to be safely relocated to sanctuary cities? They’ve been telling us for years how evil Trump is to keep them ‘caged’ at the border, and they’ve also told us how beneficial illegal immigrants are to communities so what’s the big deal?

It’s glorious, right?

But elected Democrats don’t seem to want that.

Wonder why?

Jerry complains about Trump using these people as political pawns but isn’t that exactly what Democrats are doing by opposing their safe transport and relocation to sanctuary cities?


Democrats don’t want problems solved because then what would they run on? The last thing they want is for Trump to not only call their bluff on illegal immigrants but come up with a humane solution that gives the Left EXACTLY what they want.

This has been BRILLIANT.


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