In other news, an angry old man continues to yell at clouds.

John Brennan seems super cranky and tense, even more so than usual. Gosh, wonder what’s got his britches so bunched up?


Dan Bongino had a few choice words for Cranky McCrankyface.

Youch. Pretty sure there ain’t enough aloe in this world to help with this burn …

Man, we hope so. Not just because these horrible a-holes definitely deserve some consequences for what it seems like more and more transpired, but because we’re really sick of looking at this guy’s face.

Can we say that on Twitchy?

Welp, we said it.

We have another word for John-Boy but we’ll keep it to ourselves.

We can see it now, ‘Well, Godzilla is destroying buildings and throwing cars around but ONLY because it’s the best thing for the city.’


Not a great visual.

Thanks for that.


And why does he ALWAYS look like he just smelled a fart?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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