Rep. Ilhan Omar decided to take her really terrible week up a notch (or would that be down a notch) by writing a fairly nonsensical thread on Twitter thanking the goombahs who spent much of Saturday hashtagging that they stand with her. Seems she was upset Trump shared a video of her talking about how ‘some people did something’ …

Have we mentioned how much trouble Democrats are in these days? Seriously.

Here’s the thread, try to keep from rolling your eyes COMPLETELY out of your head.

Ummm … something already really, really wrong here, Ilhan.

How many times do we have to remind these yahoos Obama started the caging thing? We get it, they have their talking points but even THEY have to know people will realize they’re pushing a lie.

Then again, maybe not.

See AOC.

She’s really really really pulling out ALL the stops.

There is such a thing as overplaying your hand.

No one has said Ilhan should be silenced, most people just want her to stop saying horrible things about America and in particular 9/11 and the Jews. This ain’t rocket science.

Also, we’re still not a Democracy.


Equal opportunity for WHOSE pursuit?

Notice how if you stand with Ilhan you stand against Trump.

Democrats have to keep the country divided, no matter what.

No ma’am.

THAT struck us as well, she couldn’t even get one of American’s most basic fundamentals correct.

So embarrassing.


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