Alyssa Milano seems to have a problem with Trump looking to relocate illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, she even called it ‘sick and twisted.’

And here we thought she was against caging them at the border, separating families, sending them back to Mexico … silly us.

You know, this could only really be seen as ‘targeting’ if you think illegal immigrants are bad for a community, right? Why else would so many people who have spent two years calling the Right anti-immigrant and racist for wanting to secure our borders be against actually using the sanctuary cities?

This sounds an awful lot like they like illegal immigrants, just NOT in their backyards.

Says the broad who has been weaponizing human beings for as long as we can remember. What does she think she’s doing when she tries and shuts down an entire industry in Georgia because they passed a law she doesn’t like?

She even retweeted herself so you KNOW she’s super mad.


Why not?

Yup. If Trump found a cure for the common cold they’d find a way to be angry with him. This is who they are.

But but but Trump!

They can’t deal with him calling their bluff.


That’s why.


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